28 Jan 2016

About this Tea and Me and this Blog // part I

Hello, my name is Christian, and I am infatuated with tea. Logically, that hasn't always been the case.

At some point in life, I assume, most people are confronted with their first hot beverage of some kind. I further assume that this will most probably be either coffee or tea, or other infusions generally lumped together with tea at least in these parts. While coffee is quite improbable to be liked by children or youngsters at first. In my case, coffee wasn't even a much available option to try, for my parents have always been drinking tea (good ol' Earl Grey) in the afternoons. Made with loose tea in a tea machine (basically an infusion-pot-and-serving-pot-beneath-a-water-boiler-solution), a tool I have never seen at anybody's place other than theirs. Another salient childhood/early youth "tea" experience of mine is drinking fruit infusion from teabags in the youth hostel on school trips, completely oversaturated with sugar in an attempt to compensate for the lack of any soft drinks in these places. 

So after changed from drinking milk to drinking Earl Grey with my family, I developed a 

"tea > coffee"

-attitude. Since I easily feel an aversion against widespread things and opinions, I found it quite fancy to be preferring a cuppa tea over coffee. Also, I wasn't very impressed by coffee, while not completely disliking it, though.

Still - at this point I did never have a single thought about what tea actually was (and probably also not about the difference between tea and "tea", i.e. random things thrown in a tea bag).

Thanks for reading!

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